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"Passed Life" is a collection of photographs taken by Mark David Moskowitz

Mark was born in New York City and raised in nearby Nassau County, Long Island.

Mark developed an interest in photography while attending Syracuse University. He eventually returned to New York City to attend classes in photography at The School O f Visual Arts.

While attending SOVA his photographic efforts earned him a scholarship to travel and develop his photographic talents.

He was originally given a round trip ticket from New York to London and from Rome to Tel Aviv, a three month Eurail pass, and a small endowment to tide him over for a three month period.

That projected three month period turned into 4 1/2 years of travel throughout Europe, North Africa, Israel, The Middle East, India and Nepal. The collection, "Passed Life", represents some of the images taken on this trip between the years of 1968 to 1972.

Parts of this collection have been exhibited in London, Paris and New York City and are owned by several private collectors.

The collection and negatives were stored away for more than thirty years and now the collection is again being made available through the urging of several art dealers and collectors.

Mark has resided in San Diego, CA since 1978. He plays Brazilian Music under the name of Marquinho Pagodinho and can also be reached at

Mark is currently in the process of turning many of these images into photogravure. They are available through the website and can be currently viewed at the following galleries:

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All rights to the use or reproduction of photographs are reserved exclusively by Mark D. Moskowitz